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Polykhim-plast company produces plastic films using modern equipment using the latest recipes and technologies adapted to the Ukrainian market. The productivity of our capacities is over 200,000 tons per month, various films and 100,000 tons of polyethylene pipes of different diameters from 16 to 160 mm.

Our products are widely used in agriculture, industrial production, construction and the domestic sector. The films serve as high-quality protection for food, materials, equipment and other industrial products, such as group packaging, product palletizing, mulching soils, greenhouse covers and other purposes.

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Drip Irrigation Fittings

This category includes: - taps (checkpoint, starting) - which are used to start and shut off the water supply; - droppers (emitters) - inserted into holes in a tube or tape, provide dropwise dispensing; - hole punches - used to punch holes; - reducers - used to reduce the water pressure in the system; - tees - necessary for the formation of branches; - fittings - a connecting element for pipes of the same diameter; - plugs - muffle the tape or tube at the point where the branch ends; - foggers - used for finely dispersed irrigation in greenhouses and gardens, as well as air cooling; - starter (fitting) - connects the tape or tube to the mains of the irrigation system; - injectors - accessories for drip irrigation, which you need to buy if you plan to apply fertilizers; - repair joints (clamping sleeves) are used to connect pieces of tape together.

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he drip tube is a key element in modern irrigation systems. It is she who transports water from the source. It is distinguished from tape by its large wall thickness and long service life. Suitable for plants that do not need to be replanted every year. Therefore, a perennial drip tube is a good option for garden trees and shrubs. This irrigation method is economical, reliable, easy to use, and affordable. It has a number of advantages: - the supply of water under the root contributes to the rapid and correct growth of plants, and also excludes the formation of sunburn on the ground part of the plants from water droplets falling on them; - the functioning of the system does not depend on the water pressure in the pipeline, irrigation works even in the absence of pressure; - the possibility of night watering without your participation due to the automation of the process; - drip irrigation is convenient for fertilizing and pest control; - garden pipe significantly reduces water consumption, reducing crop production costs.

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The polyethylene water pipe has a large number of variations and advantages. The following varieties are distinguished: PVC - emerged among the first. Products made from this material have an aesthetic appearance and high resistance to external factors, therefore they are often used for open water supply. PP - lightweight and often used for installing underfloor heating systems. The only drawback of this type is the lack of flexibility, but this is easily compensated for by additional elements: corners, fasteners. Buying pipes for a PP type water supply system is the right decision. Re - this option, on the contrary, is very flexible, therefore it is often used in areas with high seismic activity. PEX - products made of cross-linked polyethylene are ideal for hot water supply and can easily withstand even high pressure. Reinforced plastic - have the ability to maintain shape when bent.

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Planting season is a time when not a day should be missed if you want to get high yields. Therefore, it is important to prepare a place for vegetables and fruits in advance. If you do not know where to order pipes for a greenhouse in Ukraine, please contact Polykhim-Plast. The manufacture and sale of products for heating greenhouses is our specialization. Greenhouse pipes are products that must have excellent performance characteristics. These are the products we sell. It is beneficial to cooperate with us, because we have: - affordable position prices; - it is possible to order in bulk from the manufacturer; - a guarantee is provided; - prompt delivery works throughout the territory of Ukraine; - a huge selection of products for water supply.

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Agricultural mesh for vegetables is a container made of high-strength polymer threads, which makes it easy and safe to transport and store solid food products. Mesh materials for packaging are superior in their properties to boxes and closed bags, the tightness of which often provokes decay processes. Polykhim-Plast annually produces thousands of strong nets for small and large farms. Flexible, and at the same time not prone to deterioration under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the network is suitable both for collecting, storing, and for a decent presentation of the crop. We offer wholesale supply of nets and sacks for vegetables in any volume. It can be a small mesh container up to 3-5 kg, and a large one from 30 kg. The products are designed for semi-automatic, automatic and manual filling. Thermal stability allows storage in a closed cold basement and on a warm summer day outdoors.

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